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30mm Vertical Silicone Extruder
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30mm Vertical Silicone Extrusion Machine

1. 30mm Vertical Silicone Extruder

(1) Screw diameter: 30mm,L/D: 12

(2) Max. screw speed: 55rpm

(3) Material of screw barrel: 38CrMoAl, Nitriding treatment

(4) Silicone feed type: Auto cold feed with roller

(5) Silicone feed structure: auto feed roller + cold feed zone

(6) Motor power: 3kw, inverter control speed

(7) Screw cooled by water, barrel cooled by water, feed zone cooled by water

(8) Output: 25kg

(9) Dimension: 1000(L) x 500(W) x 1300(H)

(10) Weight: 500kg

(11) With the guide rod to connect with the vertical infrared vulcanization machine.

2. Vertical Type Infrared Vulcanization Machine(1m)

(1) Function: make the surface of the silicone product smooth and flawless during vulcanizing after high temperature finalizing.

(2) The infrared vulcanization machine using non-touch vulcanizing to avoid the silicone product touching the wall.

(3) Vulcanization machine effective length: 1m

(4) Vulcanization heating mode: Infrared heating

(5) Infrared heater heating power: 6kw

(6) The temperature inside the vertical type vulcanization machine: room temperature ~ 700°C

(7) Temperature control mode: intelligent temperature controller

(8) Thermal insulation fan power: 100w

(9) The liner of the vulcanization channel is ceramic material.

(10) Vulcanization machine width 100mm, filled with insulated cotton inside.

(11) Surface is sprayed with plastic process for elegant appearance.

(12) Overall dimension: 1(L) x 0.6(W) x 1.3(H) mm

(13) Weight: 400kg